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Services & Rates
Equine Education
It is important to distinguish the difference between training and educating. Training implies the horse already knows the purpose for the exercises they practice. A language must be established so one can communicate their ideas with the horse in a willing partnership. Through a common language, a solid foundation for any discipline can be cultivated in both green and seasoned horses.
Colt Starting
This is the most important stage of the horse’s career. The impression made during the first months of education will stay with them their whole life.
If a horse’s early education is incomplete, certain problems begin to appear further down the line. Whether behavioral or performance related, re-educating the horse is the solution.
Personalized Horsemanship Lessons
For horses and riders at any stage in any discipline.
Available for the Judging of hunter, jumper, and equitation schooling shows.
Clinics and Demos
Available upon request
Farm Sitting
Leave your farm with the peace of mind that all your animal husbandry is being attended to with the utmost competence. Equine Education may be integrated in to this service upon request.
Please contact us for service rates and estimate tailored for your specific requirement. Thank you.
Ray Hunt
"Forget reprimanding or punishing the horse for bad behavior.  After the kicking or biting occurs it is to late.  The horse knows he is going to be punished, and so he will become leery of you, but he doesn't know how not to do what he has been doing because you haven't been there to change or prevent it. He is anxious about his feet, because someone has made an issue of it when he wasn't properly prepared and he had a bad experience.  Some horses automatically know how to balance on three feet, other horses need help in this area.  Picking a horses foot up is pretty basic, but he needs to learn how to relax and trust the person who is asking for it."